SUVs Suck in Combat


It was an unbelievable mission – to rebuild Iraq while the U.S. military was fighting a raging insurgency.

In 2004, the soldiers and civilians of the Gulf Region Division (GRD) answered the call to duty and began the largest and most complex reconstruction project ever undertaken by our nation. They made great personal sacrifices that few of their fellow Americans would dare endure.

This book tells the rest of the inspiring story – much of which was ignored by the mainstream media as “not newsworthy” or reduced to mere sound bytes. In the face of imminent danger, the GRD team braved daily car bombs, rocket attacks, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and kidnappings to rebuild thousands of projects throughout a chaotic war zone. These projects, spread throughout a hostile country, included schools, hospitals, police stations, oil production, electrical power and water treatment plants. Despite the odds, GRD was able to complete its critical strategic mission, and its members were awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation.

A few of the amazing stories include:

  • A massive car bomb on author’s first day in Baghdad that leveled a nearby hotel.
  • High speed “Mad Max” drives through the streets of Baghdad in unarmored SUVs.
  • The dependence on security contractors who performed with great valor while protecting American civilians.
  • The perilous war waged on the reconstruction mission that was largely invisible to U.S. combat forces and the American public.
  • The accidental rescue of an American hostage.
  • Living and working in Saddam’s great palaces.
  • A daring rescue mission in the Tigris River that ended in tragic loss.
  • The parade of Congressional Delegations that diverted precious combat resources from the war effort.
  • The unbelievable (but true) story of how a Yahoo email account is used to send an urgent message to the author to “PLEASE SAVE US.”

The lives of those who served in the early days of Iraqi reconstruction are forever changed. This amazing book will help you understand why.

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